PTG Tyre Inflation Systems

Tyre pressures are critical for machinery performance and soil health!

PTG Central Tyre Inflation Systems (CTIS) will optimise your tyre footprint and improve your machinery performance while reducing operating costs. Optimised tyre pressures not only minimise tyre wear they save both working time and fuel while maximising your yield potential by reducing soil compaction and improving root systems. 

What is Central Tyre Inflation?

When installed on farm machinery, Central Tyre Inflation Systems allow you to adjust and maintain the correct tyre pressures for varying loads, speeds, field and road conditions with the simple touch of a button while on the move – Optimal tyre foot print in any condition will save you precious working time while maximising the output of your farm machinery, reducing your operating costs while taking care of your soil and maximising yields.

Benefits of Central Tyre Inflation

The benefits of operating your equipment with optimal tyre pressures:

  • Reduce fuel consumption by up to 15% (Example: a 5cm rut depth corresponds to a constant rise of a 5% grade)
  • Reduce tyre wear by up to 20%
  • Increase traction in the field by up to 30% 
  • Reduce wheel slippage by up to 20%
  • Proven to increase yields by up to 4% * Reference: Harper Adams University trial, comparing conventional tyre pressures to lowered tyre pressures in the field.
  • Reduce soil compaction and improved soil health
  • Better crop recovery after wheel traffic
  • Reduce wheel track rutting and soil erosion
  • Provide better self-cleaning of tyre tread while in the field
  • Enjoy better ride comfort and reduce operator fatigue 
  • Increase stability at higher road speeds
  • Contribute to a longer working season, especially in wet areas
  • Optimising tyre surface areas create a viable alternative to a track machine

With a CTIS push button tyre pressure control inside the cab, you can seamlessly adjust the tyre pressures while on the move, saving you precious working time and maximising agricultural equipment output and yield while reducing costs.

CTIS – How it works

In the field, low pressures are needed to spread the weight of the machine over an increased tyre foot print, reducing compaction while reducing rolling resistance and fuel consumption. This also optimises wheel slip and maximises grip. On the road, higher pressures are needed to give stability, fuel efficiency and minimise tyre wear.

Farmers can now comfortably and efficiently adjust the tyre pressure from the driver’s seat while on the road or in the field thanks to CTIS.

The unique PTG-patented CTIS dual-line design features pneumatically controlled valves installed on the wheel rims that only open when lines are pressurised during active tyre pressure adjustments and monitoring. Once the system reaches the correct pressure, the control valve shuts off air to the system and the valve closes. Using valves on the wheel rims not only work as a safety should a line fail but means the system has zero air pressure in the circuit minimising component wear.

PTG CTIS can be used in conjunction with an existing air brake system or a standalone air system can be installed.

Are you worried about forgetting to pump the tyres back up? With our integrated ISOBUS controller we can now set a speed limit to automatically inflate the tyres to there road pressure! 

We can also supply a dedicated controller.  Preset tyre pressures can be selected with a road pressure and a field pressure in accordance with tyre manufacture recommendations. With the right application, it takes just a few minutes to inflate or deflate tyres and it is suitable for all tractors, sprayers, trailers and agricultural machinery with tyres.



CTIS can be installed on new agricultural machinery at the time of purchase, or installed on existing machinery at anytime. 

Just like our tailored CTIS, we offer installation options that suit your requirements.

Considering trading your machinery in the future? but want the benefits of using CTIS now? The system can be removed from your current machine and installed on suitable new equipment at the time of purchase preserving your investment.

For more information about the components we use and CTIS products available, see the examples on our Products page.

Evolution Agri Services are your Authorised Distribution Partner and Dealer of PTG Central Tyre Inflation Systems in Australia

Why Choose PTG

For more than 30 years, PTG has set this standard for all their systems: Modern manufacturing, permanent quality control along with constant research and development guarantee the highest level of reliability. This has made PTG one of the world market leaders and the preferred outfitter for agricultural vehicles.

PTG dual-line technology is superior to other brands. Their unique design means there is no risk to the system should a line fail, there is no pressure on the seals during machine operation and no pressure remaining in the lines. These are the biggest factors for reducing component wear.

Other benefits include:

  • Virtually maintenance free – seals proven to last 10,000 hours without maintenance
  • Proven robust technology
  • ISOBUS options allow integration with the main tractor or GPS display
  • Set a speed machinery speed limit with automatic road pressure inflation (ISOBUS only)
  • Pneumatically controlled wheel-valves (seals and air lines are only pressurised during tyre pressure adjustment)
  • No loss of pressure in case of damaged air lines 
  • Change tyre pressures while on the move
  • Minimal upkeep compared to tracks and lower capital outlay
  • Patents protecting PTG inventions against cheap imitations
  • Compatible with single, dual and triple wheels
  • Systems are easy to install and can be transferred from exisiting machinery to suitable new equipment at the time of purchase preserving your investment
A fendt tractor with a PTG central tyre inflation system also known as CTIS and CTI. Australian agriculture.
ptg central tyre inflation system for fendt rogator 900 series sprayers. Also known as CTIS or ctis or cti or air cti

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